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Magnolia Walk HOA Board of Directors Election for 2/2021 to 2/2023 Term
Posted on Feb 6th, 2021

Dear Magnolia Walk HOA Member,
In a normal year, we would have Board elections during the annual meeting.  The Board of Directors recently announced the need to elect new Board members.  Due to increasing COVID cases in Georgia, the Board decided to postpone the annual meeting and proceed with the election for the Board of Directors for the 2021-2023 term via e-mail.  In this regard, we asked HOA members to let us know of their interest in becoming members of the Board of Directors.  We received information from 5 homeowners.  They are:
  • Allison Dobbs at 3314 Forestwood Drive
  • Jennifer Bestermann at 3414 Forestwood Drive
  • Jon Sliger at 1171 Hiddenbrook Lane
  • Otis Brinson at 3304 Forestwood Drive
  • Jessica McKinney at 2231 Hiddenbrook Lane
Use this link to download the ballot. =>  2021 Board Election Ballot
You must submit your completed ballot no later than 5:00PM, Thursday  February 11, 2021.
There are three (3) openings on the Board of Directors.  We have 5 homeowners interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors.
Please select 3 candidates from the list.  Selecting less or more than 3 candidates will invalidate your vote. One (1) ballot per household.
Please print your name, address and e-mail address, and sign the form.  Your e-mail address must match the e-mail address in our database, otherwise, it will be considered invalid.
Once you have made your selection, typed your name, e-mail address, home address, signed the ballot, please scan the form (ballot page only) or take a picture with your smart phone and e-mail it to the MW HOA Board of Directors at => mwhoaboardmembers@googlegroups.com
Each of the current Board members will receive your vote via e-mail and count the votes independently thus ensuring a match for total and individual votes.  The maximum number of total votes is 56.  This means One (1) vote per house.    Candidates are listed in the order that the Board received their background information.
Please vote.
MW HOA Board of Directors