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Alert – Incident at 3423 Forestwood Drive at 1:00AM on January 17, 2021
Posted on Jan 18th, 2021

Dear MWHOA Members,
Ali Kotadiya at 3423 Forestwood Drive, has reported the following incident to the Board and requested to alert other homeowners:
  • At 1:00am on the 17th, 2 people walked up the drive at 3423 Forrestwood Drive and were looking into Ali’s car parked on the driveway.
  • Lights came on and the 2 people then moved forward to look into the vehicle instead of running away.
  • Security camera also captured the 2 people walking up to the car.  See attached video.
  • Video shows what appears to be 2 male teenagers wearing sweatshirts with hoodies over their head.
Ali would like the neighborhood to know that people are brazen enough to walk up your driveway at this time of morning.
Please let a Board member know if you noticed cars or people wondering around the neighborhood the morning of January 17th around 1:00AM.
MW HOA Board of Directors.