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A message from the President regarding Board Elections
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2021

Dear Magnolia Walk HOA Member,
It is time to elect new board members for Magnolia Walk.  Due to increasing COVID cases we are going to do this a little differently this year.   In a normal year we would have a meeting and by the covenants we would need Quorum to have the meeting be official.   It has been hard in the past to get a Quorum and this year with COVID raging it will be even harder this year with 821,000 confirmed cases and 12,360 dead in the state of Georgia.   So, in order to have a Quorum to vote and afford all homeowners an equal opportunity to vote for Board members, we will vote by email.  This way no one will have to risk possible exposure to COVID and still be allowed to vote.   Below I will go through what we need to do.
  1. I had a list of people who volunteered to run but some on the list will not be available to run.   So   I would like to confirm that you are available to run and would like to run for the board by sending your name, with your home address to the board. Note that your name must be on the title of the home at this address to run for the board.  Anyone who owns a home can run for the board but only one member from that home can run.
  2. I would like you to send a short overview about yourself so that people who may not know you have some understanding of who they will vote for.
  3. We will list your name and address on the next mailing to vote form (ballot).
  4. You need to explain why you would like to be on the board and what you may bring to the board on being elected.  Example: I have been on an HOA before and my HOA duties were to enforce the covenants.  My background is in construction and work from home.  My background gives a better appreciation for what the Board can do to maintain or increase the value of my home, the HOA assets, and the community.  Show whatever it is that you feel will be beneficial to show people why you should be on the board.  Keep it short, sort of like an elevator speech.
  5. State things like how long you have lived in Magnolia Walk subdivision.
  6. Return the requested information no later than Friday January 29, 2021 to the Board via e-mail at mwhoaboardmembers@googlegroup.com.  Once the information is received, the Board of Directors will send out the information (ballots) via e-mail to all homeowners with a valid e-mail address in our website to vote. The plan is to have a new board elected by February 15, 2021.
  7. Your function will be to manage and maintain the amenities of Magnolia Walk HOA, enforce the covenants, be responsible for the funds coming in and going out, balancing the budget, cause all common areas to be maintained, make sure that architectural controls are in place and enforced in order to help maintain property values in the neighborhood.  In the past Board members have not only hired and negotiated with companies to do work needed but have also had the ability to do some of the small jobs themselves. There are other things besides this, but I strongly suggest that anyone running for the Board reads the covenants and the guidelines to have a better understanding of duties.
  8. It is best to keep your personal business separated from the business of the board.
  9. There will be two board members staying on the board for continuity as required by the covenants (Paul Vasquez and Alan Polson). These two positions will be up for election next year.  This year there will be three people elected to the board for a two-year term.   Each home/lot will be allowed to cast one vote for up to three people.  The three people with the highest number of votes will be elected to the board.  Example:  Mary, Peter and Paul are running.  You can only vote for 3 out the 4 people.  Once the new board is elected, they will meet and see what talent each board member brings to the board, discuss which positions on the board will be filled by whom.  At this time, the board can decide\ vote on who fills each position. The listed positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and we have always had someone who headed the Architectural Control Committee for a total of 5 members.  The positions can also have dual roles like facility maintenance, social committee etc.   This can be divided up to not overload any one person.  So, when you run for the board you run to be a board member and each members’ vote is equal.
  10. Some things board members do just to make you aware:  Review and approve/reject requests for changes on homes based on the covenants, maintain the pool through a pool service, buy equipment ie pool covers, pumps, furniture, maintain landscape in common areas through a service, maintain tennis courts, maintain the entrance, plant flowers, remove trees, add trees, add grass, fix drainage,  negotiate all  expenditures,  issue covenant violations, place liens,  deal with government regulations and government agencies, maintain detention ponds, maintain a web site/communication system, maintain continuity of the look of the neighborhood, find and install stop/ street signs,  handle malfunctioning  sprinkler systems,  prevent burglar issues at pool, tennis courts and neighborhood, provide safety precautions for members, shut down the pool in necessary, put up warning signs,  monitor and install cameras,  arbitrator, install Christmas decorations, fix plumbing, repair lighting,  have keys made for new members, fill out real estate requests for homes being sold or refinanced, collect funds from new homeowners at closing,  provide information for closings,  enforce the covenants, assist homeowners, send out dues notices,  collect dues, pay bills, balance budgets, pick up and sort mail, maintain emergency funds,  communicate with home owners including updates of what is happening in the  or how to get your mailbox repaired/updated and maintain the look of the neighborhood, arrange any social events, etc., etc.  If you have some background or skills in being able to handle any of these areas, it will be very helpful.
  11. Things that need to be looked at completing next year: fix cracks in tennis courts, repair lights on and around tennis courts, repair lighting at the front entrance, finish repairs to drainage behind the pool, expand pool area/fence, add grass, remove some more trees, add some trees, repair of sprinkler systems, paint the green walls, paint the pool house and repair the trim, look at pool furniture etc. and all within a budget.  There is always more to do than can be financially or physically done so it has to be planned in advance and prioritized.  So, everything you may want cannot always be done right away.
  12. It is realized that everyone that has been on the board has a day-time job, so things have to be worked into your schedule and this job does not come with a paycheck.
  13. I encourage you to run and I will encourage everyone in the neighborhood to vote (there should be no excuse).  The board you vote for represents you and protects your assets as well as everyone in the neighborhood.
On behalf of the MW HOA Board of Directors
Gary Landress