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Announcing new Board of Directors
Posted on Feb 13th, 2021

Dear Magnolia Walk Homeowners,

We would like to thank our homeowners for your participation in our recent virtual board election on February 11, 2021. We are pleased to announce our new Magnolia Walk Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors (“Board”) and their respective positions:
  • President – Jon Sliger
  • Vice-President – Paul Vasquez
  • Secretary – Otis Brinson
  • Treasurer – Paul Vasquez
  • Architectural Control – Alan Polson (Primary) & Jon Sliger
  • Grounds – Otis Brinson (Primary) & Jessica McKinney
  • Pool and Tennis – Jessica McKinney
  • Social – Jessica McKinney
  • Communications – Otis Brinson (Primary) & Jon Sliger
It is an honor to be chosen to represent our community. We would also like to thank and commend our prior board members for their service. They dedicated countless hours to our community and approached their service with a passion and a sense of doing what they felt was right.
Over the coming weeks, the new Board will be familiarizing itself not only with the accomplishments of the past, but more importantly, the work yet to be completed. Although we have a large list of items that need to be addressed, we will immediately be focusing on a few. The website is at the top of our list as we are looking to redesign and update it to better communicate with all the homeowners. Additionally, we are prioritizing the beatification and improvement of the common grounds areas and concentrating on architectural control to help keep our community up to the standards required by the Covenants and Bylaws we all agreed to when we purchased our homes.
In an effort to consolidate all information in one place, we are utilizing the Magnolia Walk Homeowners’ Association (“HOA”) website as a “one stop shop” for all information concerning the neighborhood. On the site you will find information regarding upcoming events, HOA board meetings, approved minutes, a neighborhood directory, etc. This is the best way to know what is going on in the neighborhood. To get to the site please visit www.magnoliawalkhoa30024.com; some information is password protected so be sure to register on the website for access. The Board will be distributing newsletters on an as needed basis, so we encourage all residents to utilize the site as much as possible and provide feedback on how we can make improvements. The HOA site will be updated and modernized over time, so please be patient as we work through the modifications.
Lastly, we always encourage your feedback and ideas on improving the neighborhood and nourishing the friendly atmosphere that has defined Magnolia Walk. We are looking to do some fun and enjoyable community events soon. We will need volunteers and participants to make these events a success, so please look to the website and upcoming emails and/or newsletters for more details. Another great way to get involved is to volunteer to serve on a committee. To volunteer or to submit your ideas, please email boardmember@magnoliawalkhoa30024.com for the Board to review. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve our neighborhood and we look forward to a thriving and successful year!
Magnolia Walk HOA Board of Directors